Monday, 28 September 2009

The Beginning of the End

In defence of the gloomy Cabrach, at least it was a lovely day. So when we saw a tempting hill track over Clayhooter Hill - well, just worth a little look! And it WAS lovely - with expansive views over the Correen hills. Yet another area to explore further at a later date!

Oh, great. - Doogs.

Mind you, it was a little rough in parts (probably due to the unseasonable rainfall we have all been


Still fairly easy going, though. There's always the slight fear when you're stravaiging that you're going to come across a locked gate or some other insurmountable obstacle, or get shouted or shot at - but it doesn't happen very often. The track eventually came out at a rather smart house - Clova - so we tiptoed down the front drive, trying not to leave prints or droppings anywhere. Well, you might have been trying - Doogs.

We knew we were starting to get closer to 'oor ain country' as, for the first time on the trip, we saw fields of barley - and as they were being combined we could smell that oh so familiar scent. Such mixed feelings about getting close to our journey's end - especially as the weather was now absolutely gorgeous. We meandered down a quiet back road, fetching up for the night at the charmingly-named Honeybarrel Farm, where Kenny kindly allowed the boys and me to have a corner of a silage field.

As night fell, I lay in my sleeping bag and watched the ponies. Each night, after they'd finished eating, they would come and stand as close to my tent as possible. To me, it showed what a close team we had become during our adventure together.
Actually, we were just wondering if you had any more of that muesli stuff.


  1. Dear Kate, Have just recently got back from Turkey, and was really impressed with the mileage you and the ponies have done. I have followed your trip, even in Turkey!!!! On the internet.

    Nice to see youre getting nearer home. Well done.

  2. Am really enjoying your writings about your trip, very entertaining and full of insights and history of the local area's you're going through. Very impressed with you and your horses determination to do this trip.

    Is there going to be a BIG welcome home somewhere that we can come to on some date? would love to be there for your return...mind you you probably just want a hot bath, mug of hot chocolate by a warm stove and a soft comfortable bed ;-)

    Take care on the last section of your mammoth trip.

    Shelley N-C