Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Take a Bow!

Yes, you...for sticking with this blog which hasn't been updated for a while. The reason is I've been giving birth... no, not to one of those pink squally baby things, but to a new book, Discover Off-Road Riding, written in conjunction with my good friend Shonagh Steven BHSII.

The book, which has taken about ten times longer to produce than we originally thought, as is quite normal in the publishing world, aims to answer all those questions people have when they start heading off: where to ride, what to take, training your horse or pony, navigating, camping with your horse - and what to do if things go wrong. In fact, it's the book I wished I'd had when I started stravaiging the countryside on horseback, all those many years ago.

It was launched by the British Horse Society at the Royal Highland Show (many thanks to them) and has been selling very well ever since, hooray! Just as pleasing is the feedback we have been getting which suggests people really like it. There just isn't any other way of getting all that information in one place at the moment.

It's going to be available in lots of horsy places very soon, but if you really can't wait (and indeed, why should you?) you can purchase it securely online here. Alternatively, I hold some copies here and you can send a cheque for £16.99 + £2.50 p & p (payable to K Godfrey please) for rapid despatch to:
Inverquiech, By Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire PH11 8JR.
OK, that's quite enough of the selling - let's move on to...


  1. Welcome back! Missed you at Cliftoncote! The weather wasnt too kind that year! .....I was hoping to pick your brains at some point? Ok if I contact you on e-mail?

  2. Hi Cheyenne, yes it's good to be back...simply wasn't feasible to blog as well as write books for me (some people seem to manage that, as well as keeping their houses immaculate at all times, but sadly not moi.)

    Of course you may email - can't promise all the answers though!

  3. Lost your e-mail! Typical! Anyway, got to talking with Peter Holden re our idea to ride the Cairn Gorms`s. Keen at first, but when I mentioned the rid eto the summit of Ben MacDhui, he was a little reticent.
    Peter, took advice from certain quarters and finally came down n the side of, "well we couldnt recommend it" type thingy. So, I am aware that this hill has been ridden before, and by some illustrious people. However, in the interests of balance, do you have an opinion on the idea. Baring in mind, that the ride would be from Mar lodge to the Glen Derry, via the Hutchinson Memorial hut, then Loch Etchachan, then to the summit. I have walked this route many times, and dont consider it to bad, but another opinion wouldnt hurt? Would it?

  4. Bought my copy at RHS and now Hamish is slowly coming on hope to make good use with some adventures of my own! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this and pass on your experience to us novices.