Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The heat is on...

...in more ways than one. We leave two weeks today, and suddenly there seems to be a great many last-minute details to sort out.

The horses are in fine fettle, and very fit: just awaiting farriers next week to get them freshly shod. I have booked farriers periodically on the ride, hoping that all works out just fine. I do carry Old Mac boots so we shouldn't be hampered if we lose a shoe (or two) between appointments. I am quite capable of removing a shoe in an emergency - nailing them back on, however, is best left to experts.

I am wondering if this hot weather will continue? Some long-range forecasters think so. I can foresee some very early morning starts (4 am or so) to get the bulk of the day's mileage done before the heat really kicks in. Still, a better class of problem than dealing with rain day in and day out, for sure!

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