Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Route

This is our route, more or less! I say 'more or less', because each day there is a minimum mileage to get us from A to B. There is scope in many places to add loops, go a slightly different way to look at something interesting, or just explore.

The minimum mileage is what I think we can manage even if the weather is awful, the ponies are tired or I am sore! The actual mileage may end up being quite a bit more, we'll see.

The reason I arranged it this way was because hopefully I won't slip too far behind schedule and have to make numerous phone calls to rearrange things or reassure people I haven't fallen in a bog... provided none of us are sick or very sore, we should be able to keep up with what is not too punishing a schedule. That's the theory anyway!

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