Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Disaster Strikes...

Having never taken a lame step in his life, the bold Yeoman picked today to show that he, too, is, equine. Looking in fine fettle at 10 pm yesterday, by 6.30 am this morning he'd managed to pick up an injury which left him unable to put his near hind to the ground - totally non-weight-bearing.

Closer inspection show a contusion - rather as though he's trodden on himself, on the inside rear quarter above the hoof.

Time will tell how serious this injury is - he's more comfortable tonight and at least able to use the leg, although still very lame. After seeing to him (he had to be trailered in from the field to the yard - it was that bad), today has been investigating Plan B, C, D & we are due to leave in six days!

It seems unlikely that he will be fully sound by then, and even if he is, may benefit from some more time off before he (hopefully) joins us a bit later on the ride.

All I can say is - that's horses. The irony is he has been feeling so fit and well recently that there has been a bit of carrying on and whooping it up in the field with his mates - possibly what's caused the injury.

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