Monday, 6 July 2009

Getting There...

We are getting ready to leave...Plan B (or Z I think it is now) is to ride Doogs and use Ladybird, the little Welsh section C, as a pack pony for a few days until the self-harming Yeoman is fully fit to join us. Because Ladybird is smaller than a Highland, today has been spent with a hole punch and duct tape, making everything fit. I also repacked the packs so that she doesn't have to carry too much weight - the total is about 50 lbs which hopefully she will manage without too much difficulty.

I loaded her up today and we went for a test run (or walk): all went fine as she is well accustomed to the pack job. Only problem was she was very cheeky to Doogs - although I expect that a few hills will knock that waste of energy on the head!

Upward and onward, then...well, perhaps a little bit sideways will do, for now.

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